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Beaches of Zakynthos

Nauagio or Shiprwreck


The most famous beach in the island and one of the most famous beaches in the world. Access to the beach is only from the sea by boat from the port of Agios Nikolaos Volimes, or Porto Vromi (is nearest to the villa, about 21 km far away) or by cruising the island by boat, the cruise ship, most depart from the port of Zakynthos, and some more than the beach of Laganas. If you would like to hire a private boat with a skipper, do not hesitate to ask me, if you want to help you.


Porto Limnionas 

Porto LimnionaIt is one of the most hidden places and maybe for this reason more beautiful and wild of the entire island. 
To get there you have to pass through the mountains village of Agios Leon and from there following the signs, driving down a recently asphalted road running down to the sea and ending in a small square where you can park.
From there getting down a few steps carved in the rock, you reach a real fiord stupefying the visitor for the clearness and colours of the waters. 
It is easy to imagine that in this place there are no many tourist facilities, only recently two terraces with loungers and umbrellas have been created but are not always enough for the request. 

Porto Limnionas

For those who really care about caves it is worth visiting the first one just getting down the steps; once there and in the water you understand that the cave is to continue … but only for those who love extreme sports. 

We suggest to everybody and especially those who have their own boat, to visit Porto Roxa that is only 3 km from Porto Limnionas.
It is another small bay with a slipway to put boats in the water in an exceedingly beautiful part of coast.




Kerì Caves

Keri CavesKerì Caves, accessible only by sea with private boats or tourist excursions, develop along the promontory of Marathia Cape, in the South-West area of the island. 
Along the coast there are many caves which entrances scarcely suffice to get in swimming, others are broad enough to enter directly with a boat. 
It is very easy to reach the caves that are surmounted by cliffs where the sea is very deep and as such reachable. While visiting the caves it is possible to stop to swim or sunbathe in one of the many small beaches of Marathia Cape or to reach by boat the Mizitres. Keri Caves
Mizitres are two crags very close to the cliffs that form a small beach of very fine sand reachable only by boat. Admiring them from a close position you can notice that in one of the two crags there is a crack where it is possible to swim and where a lot of starfish live.
Moreover along the coast there are two arches of rock, under the larger one you can pass with the boat.




 Marathias Zakynthos

Marathias is a secluded beach located 4,5  km from Villa Natura, on the southern coast of the island, close to Keri. In order to reach it, you stop on the top where “Botsalo Tavern” is and then you walk down the hills. This is a nice place for relaxation and amusement. It is a rather sheltered place with no tourist facilities.This wonderful pebbled beach offers a spectacular rocky landscape that captivates visitors. The hills are covered with lush greenery and vast plantation. The tall pine trees provide good shade in the hot summer days. The crystal and calm waters offer an exotic atmosphere. It doesn’t get really crowded,so it is a perfect place for relaxation. Afterwards you can have lunch at “Botsalo Tavern”, where you have perfect sea view and you also see the famous Marathonisi island from the back side.

Zakynthos Marathia beach - Zakynthos Beaches |

Marathonisi Island or well know as Turtle Island

It is the  island you have view to from the balcony of the  Villa!

Marathonisi is an uninhabited island and hilly island on the western edge of Laganas bay, opposite Keri Lake. It covers an area of about 280 acres and is covered with thick bushy vegetation which at some points reaches a height of 3 meters and is often impervious. At the northern end of the island lies the only 150-meter long sandy beach, which is a sea turtle spawning area. Guardians of the National Marine Park, remain there and protect the island, turtle and eggs. The nature there is exotic, the sand is crystal clear and the waters transparent. Access to this island is made by boats that start from  Agios Sostis bay (2,00 km away from the villa),  the lake of Keri or Laganas.

Marathonisi - Turtle island - Zakynthos Greece


Xigia or Xugia Beach

Xigia or Xugia Beach is about 33 km northeast of the villa. It is the only one on the island, as its waters are healing, since the caves next to it excrete sulfur. It is a picturesque beach, with fine golden sand and deep blue, crystal clear deep waters. The smell is typical in this area as the sulfur is present in much proportion to the water. The beach is ideal for those suffering from leg pains and arthritis. Previously the villagers used the brimstone to heal the wounds of their animals. Access to the beach is not so easy, as you have to walk down on the rocks to reach it, but it worth going. There are  not any sun beds and umbrellas. Afterwards you can have lunch in “Xugia Tavern” or in “Pelagaki Tavern”, which they offer fresh fish. Other nearby beaches: “Agios Nikolaos Volimon”, “Makris Gialos”.

Xigia Beach Zakynthos Greece- Near The Asteri Collection Luxury Villas


 Gerakas Beach

The beach of Gerakas is for many the most beautiful on the island. It is 18 km southeast of the city of Zakynthos and 28 km away from the villa and belongs to the village of Vasilikos. A magnificent bay is “accommodate” it, with an endless sandy beach that gives you the feeling of being on an African beach. Its sand is fine and golden, while its waters are warm, shallow and deep blue. It is ideal for short-lived swimmers and not only. There are plenty of umbrellas and sun loungers for rent. Even at its edge there is a cape made up of clay and you should not miss the experience of a mud bath. Parking lots are several just above the beach. There are no water sports and seaside bars, and this coast belongs to the national marine park that protects the Carretta – Caretta turtles.But there are a few restaurants to taste the Zakynthian cuisine within walking distance of the beach. Turtle protection rules for holidaymakers are particularly stringent as this species has been declared an endangered species. Access to the beach is not allowed after sunset. It is highly recommended to visit it as you will be impressed by this magical scenery, which is a jewel of our island.

Zakynthos Gerakas beach - Zakynthos Beaches |

Porto Azzuro

The beach has crystal clear blue water for swimming, natural shade, easy access and is fully organized with many umbrellas and sun loungers for sunbathing on the golden sand or lawn. At  its edge there is a cape made up of clay and you should not miss the experience of a mud bath.

Porto Azzuro

Dafni Beach

The beach of Dafni belongs to the community of Vasilikos and is located 18 km southeast of the city of Zakynthos. It is a heavenly, long sandy beach with a magnificent view of the bay of Laganas. Opposite is the small uninhabited island, Peluzos.Its waters are shallow, calm and blue. There are also sun loungers and umbrellas available for rent. It is one of the beaches that Caretta – Careta turtles give their eggs. The beach of Dafni belongs to the National Marine Park, so the protection measures are very strict. There are no water sports there. The taverns that exist there only operate during the day so as not to disturb the turtles in their reproduction. There are several parking spaces next to the beach. Access to Dafni beach is from the main road of Vasilikos.It is worthwhile admiring this idyllic pine-wood landscape.

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